A unique aspect of my practice also includes shamanic energy healing. This is separate from my individual counseling, although there is cross-over since part of my energy healing work involves some discussion about how the information obtained in the session can best support you in your life. There is often "homework" after the healing that is given to help you in your day-to-day life and people typically gain increased clarity about a particular issue that they feel "stuck" with. I find that when we have been disconnected from our emotions and authentic self for too long, it can sometimes be difficult to get a clear understanding of what we really need to move forward. This is where an energy session or sessions can be helpful. Although not a substitute for mental health therapy, it can be a powerful tool and adjunctive resource in your life.

Energy healing, also known as “energy work,” “therapeutic touch” or “healing touch,” uses the healer’s hands to create energetic shifts over specific energy centers of the body, or chakras (energy centers), sending and receiving energy as well as removing energy blocks and balancing the body's energy. One increasingly popular type of energy healing you may have heard of is Reiki, for example, which originated in Japan and has been adapted by different cultures and countries over time. Many different types of energy healing exist today, but most come from the same underlying principals and concepts to assist with the healing process.

Energy work can be used for all kinds of emotional or physical problems including chronic pain, stomach or sleep issues, fatigue, headaches, menstrual problems, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, irritability, anger, and can be particularly helpful when you are feeling “stuck” in your life or lack clarity about a particular issue.

Shamanic energy work is very dynamic and intuitive so no two sessions are the same. For our sessions, you are fully clothed and lie on your back on a comfortable massage table for the duration of the energy work which is about 45-60 minutes. Afterwards, we review your observations of the session as well as what I felt, observed and any messages I received to better understand how all the information can be used to help you in your life to heal and move forward.

Because the energy work is most powerful in-person, I only provide shamanic energy healing sessions face-to-face at this time.