Tania Manczarek, LCSW

As a licensed clinical social worker for 18 years with additional certification as a yoga instructor and extensive  experience and training in meditation, hypnosis and energy healing, I consider myself to be a "holistic therapist." Pulling from several modalities, as well as my own life experience and healing journey, I will help you to gain clarity in your life and a better understanding of what you truly want and need. I provide a nurturing yet honest atmosphere for you to uncover your authentic voice, dreams and desires as well as gain practical solutions that you can use today to meet life’s challenges. I believe our bodies hold a tremendous amount of wisdom as well as pain and give us clues to our emotional and physical difficulties if we are willing to listen. Healing and connecting to our mind, body and spirit is essential to real and lasting change.


My broad professional and life experiences have guided me in becoming the holistic therapist I am today. Having the privilege of being a Clinical Director and Clinical Supervisor of a mental health clinic, to providing community-based mental health counseling for children and families, conducting mental health assessments and providing telehealth counseling during the pandemic, to having lead transformational and wellness retreats in France for individuals from 22 different countries around the world, I have had the honor to help people from all types of backgrounds facing a variety of life challenges. I have also chosen to travel abroad extensively and had the life-changing experience of living in another country and continent for many years which furthered my personal and professional growth enormously.

Ultimately, I would say my "style" of therapy is about helping to guide you back to your authentic self by supporting you in shedding the layers that have kept you disconnected from living a joyful, purposeful and grounded life. I believe everything is possible when we are open to the possibilities of our lives and willing to take risks, no matter how small. And the beauty of it all is that each day is a new opportunity for this to take place. Regardless of what stage of life you are in, these opportunities are always there waiting for you and I look forward to supporting you on your path.